Death of Bishop James White

The Abbey-Principality has been informed of the death of Bishop James White of the Liberal Catholic Church in Australia.

Bishop James served as Diocesan Bishop for Western Australia in the Liberal Catholic Church of Australasia and latterly as Regionary Bishop Emeritus. During his retirement, he remained active in ministry and during 2017 explored the possibility of joining the Apostolic Episcopal Church. Although this did not happen, nevertheless Bishop James continued to maintain friendly relations with our communion and exercised a supervisory role in respect of the small Community of St James, which was comprised of former clergy of the Liberal Catholic Church and the members of the Apostolic Episcopal Church in Australia.

Bishop James attended a private ceremony of the San Luigi Orders in Australia on 13 May. Following the ceremony, he fell down some steps. Despite receiving immediate assistance from trained personnel, including a former police officer, he sustained head injuries which have sadly proved fatal.

In his correspondence, Bishop James showed a consistent support and concern for others and a broad traditional churchmanship that marked him out as a natural source of leadership in the Faith. Our prayers are with his widow and family at this difficult time.