Distinguished Members

SL armsA partial list of distinguished members of the San Luigi Orders is provided below.


Saint Mar Julius I Alvares of Goa, Ceylon and Greater India of the Syrian Orthodox Church
canonised by the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Saint Geevarghese Mar Gregorios of Parumala (Parumala Thirumeni)
canonised by the Indian Orthodox Church and the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church

Saint Kadavil Paulose Mar Athanasius of Kottayam
canonised by the Syrian Orthodox Church

Saint George Alexander McGuire
canonised by the African Orthodox Church

Saint Aftimios Ofiesh
canonised by the American Orthodox Catholic Church

Saint Churchill Sibley
canonised by the Orthodox Catholic Church in England


H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia
H.I.M. Emperor Emeritus Akihito of Japan
H.M. King Peter II of Yugoslavia
H.M. King Frederik IX of Denmark
H.M. King Haakon VII and Queen Maud of Norway
H.M. the King of Greece
H.M. the King of Bulgaria
H.M. Omukama Chwa II Kabalega of Bunyoro-Kitara
H.M. Rukirabasaija Agutamba Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I of Bunyoro-Kitara
H.H. Sir Sawai Man Singh II, Maharaja of Jaipur
H.S.H. Prince Franz Josef II of Liechtenstein
H.S.H. the Duke of Mecklenburg
H.I.M. Emperor Cyril of all the Russias (Grand Duke Cyril Vladimirovich)
H.I.M. Prince Guillaume III de Grau-Moctezuma
H.I.M. Prince Theodore IX Lascaris Comnenus
H.I.R.H. Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia
H.I.R.H. Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia
H.I.R.H. Prince Pascal Bandeira Moreira of Gothia
H.M. King Achille I of Araucania and Patagonia
H.I.H. Prince Hugo-José Tomassini-Paternò of Constantinople
H.R.H. Prince don Pasquale y Solariega Zuccalay
H.R.H. Prince Pietro Amoroso d’Aragona
H.R.H. Prince Pawel Zabacwa Piast-Riedelski of Poland
H.R.H. Prince Reamonn Seághan Donough O’Brian of Thomond
H.H. the Most Revd. Prince Kermit William Poling de Gniezno
H.H. Infante José Eugenio de Baviera y Borbon of Spain
H.S.H. Prince Giuseppe Ballotta de Adrianapoli
H.E. Prince Basil d’Anjou Durazzo Durassow
Princess Françoise de Bourbon-Orléans

Church leaders

Patriarch Ignatius Peter IV of the Syrian Orthodox Church
Patriarch Miron Cristea of All Romania
Prince-Patriarch Mar Georgius of Glastonbury, Catholicos of the West
Patriarch Anthony Aneed of the Byzantine Universal (Catholic) and Orthodox Church of the Americas
Primus Dr. Charles Boltwood of the Free Protestant Episcopal Church
Prince-Patriarch Mar Kwamin Ntsetse Bresi-Ando of the African Universal Church
Patriarch Daniel Alexander of the African Orthodox Church of South Africa
Patriarch Tau Jean II (Bricaud) of the Eglise Gnostique Universelle
Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionysious II, Malankara Metropolitan
Metropolitan Leonty of the North American Diocese of the Church in Russia
Prince-Archbishop Eugène-Nicolas Vitry de Villegrande et Valençay of the Eglise Mariavite Chrétienne
Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens of the Greek Orthodox Church
Archbishop Khorene Nar Bey de Lusignan of Constantinople of the Armenian Church
Archbishop Vladimir Sokolovsky of the Russian Orthodox Church
Obispo Maximo Isabelo de los Reyes, Jr., of the Philippine Independent Church
Archbishop the Hon. Frederick E.J. Lloyd of the American Catholic Church
Archbishop Emile Rodriguez y Fairfield of the Mexican National Catholic Church and Old Roman Catholic Church
Archbishop Geoffrey Peter Paget King of the Old Roman Catholic Church of Great Britain
Bishop-Count Victor de Kubinyi of the Apostolic Episcopal Church
Bishop-Count Hans Heuer of the Old Roman Catholic Church
Bishop Uramchabank Kibarian of the Armenian Church
Bishop Louis-Marie-François Giraud of the Eglise Gallicane
Bishop Jules Houssaye (Abbé Julio) of the Eglise Gallicane
Bishop Paulo Miraglia Gulotti of the National Episcopal Church of Italy
Bishop James Theodore Holly of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America
Abbot Dom Klaus Schlapps OPR of the Nordic Catholic Church and Order of Port Royal
Canon Giovanni Maria Chessa of the Roman Catholic Church, Count de San Severe
Canon Jan Gruszka of the Roman Catholic Church


President Herbert Hoover of the United States of America
H.E. the President of Haïti
H.E. the President of Honduras
H.E. the President of the Dominican Republic
Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
Hon. John Steele Henderson
Hon. William F. Knowland
Hon. E.G. “Pat” Brown, Governor of California
H.E. Colon Eloy Alfaro


Prince Nicholas Tchkotoua
Prince Guy de Lusignan
Charles, Duc d’Allery de Bourbon
Philippe Dissandes de la Villatte, Duc de Saint-Simon
Duke Severino Zavagno de St-Louis
H.E. the Marquis Giuliano Jandoni Guardialfiera
The Marquis of Guadelupe
The Marquis de Rivera Castaguti
Marquis Adriano Colucci-Vespucci
Marquis George M. Duyland Bush-de Quesnel
Henri, Count Carton de Wiart
Count Charles Otzenberger-Detaillé
Colonel Count Marcellus D.A. Ritter von Redlich
Count Jean Christini
Count Drouet de la Thibauderie d’Erlon
Count F. de Thorne-Rider
Count René Galichet de Cestri
Count Stanislaw Skarbek
Count Andrzej Skarbek
Count Raoul Alibert de la Vallée
Count Jean Ternisier
Count Leo H. Crane
Count Rolf Flinga
Count Donald Reed
Viscount Quillateau de Chira
Viscount René Streiff d’Yvrandes
Baron Woldemar de Barkow
Baron C. Lhomme de Apizaco
Baron Delcampe de Neparian
Baron Bernhard von Zimmermann
Baron Francis and Baroness Ethel de Prus
Baron Egbert P. Booth of Heather
The Baron de Benedict
Noble Ladislaus de Vannay


General Alexis M. Uzefovich
General Alexander Jacob Elshin
General Duke Conrad Strzelczyk Sphinx
General János D. vitéz Karászy-Kulin
Colonel D.K. Zongas
Lt-Col. John E.F. d’Apice
Lt-Col. L. de Arcas
Commander Paul Fuga Fulczik
Captain Henry Stuart Wheatly-Crowe
Captain Walter W. Mitchell
Captain Alfred Garbutt Pape

Distinguished Achievement

Ernestine Schumann-Heink, operatic contralto
Professor Rufus B. von KleinSchmid, President of the University of Arizona and the University of Southern California
Professor Minas Tcheraz, first Professor of Armenian in the University of London
Professor Aurelio E. Peterlin, Professor of Italian Language and Literature at the Scholastic Institute Battisti of Trieste and founder of the Columbus Institute
Dr. Adrian Hartog, Dutch consul-general in Los Angeles
Alvin F. Germeshausen, Director of Industrial Relations for the State of California
Emirto de Lima y Santiago, Colombian musician and musicologist
Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, obstetrician and guardian of the Dionne quintuplets
John Charles Thomas, operatic baritone
Canon Charles E. Johnson, Headmaster of Seaford College for 46 years
Halima Nalecz, artist

Biographies of some of our distinguished members, who include many more men and women of achievement, can be found by browsing our Notices section.