The Apostolic Episcopal Church is governed by Metropolitan Synod under the Primate and Presiding Bishop. Metropolitan Synod is recognized by the Statutes of the State of New York, Chapter 597 Laws of 1932, Article 3A, sections 50 to 59c. The Primate and Presiding Bishop is constituted a corporation sole with perpetual succession under the laws of the State of Hawaii. Membership of Metropolitan Synod is indicated thus * in the clergy list below. Bishops in the Apostolic Episcopal Church may, according to the ancient Eastern practice of our origins, use the Orthodox designation of Mar. The length of service of each bishop in our communion is indicated by their year of consecration as given below.

No member of clergy receives a centrally-administered stipend from the Apostolic Episcopal Church. Each meets not only his own expenses but also those of the central church, so far as he may be able. However, there is no obligatory financial contribution whatsoever. It follows that our clergy are not only to be found in a conventional parish setting, but may also express their religious vocations through following a suitable profession, as has always been acceptable to Anglicans in the past; included in this number are several teachers (including four of our Primates) and professional counselors.

Clergy list:

In the list below, membership of Metropolitan Synod is indicated thus: *

Primate and Presiding Bishop, and Ecclesiastical Administrator of Metropolitan Synod
The Most Revd. John Kersey (Mar Joannes Edmundus; Prince-Abbot Edmond III de San Luigi) OCR, OA, STD, DD, DChr*
consecrated bishop in 2006; Primate and Presiding Bishop 2015-
Titular Archbishop of Sardis; Catholicos of the West and British Patriarch

Latin America:
St Alban’s Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Revd. Deacon M.R. Salguero, MSacTh

Representative Bishop for Brazil (Ordo Templum Domini)
The Most Revd. David Caparelli

Scandinavian Vicariate
The Very Revd. Benny Freilow, OCR*

The Revd. Deacon Lars-Onni Wik

assisted by other clergy and lay ministers

Lay Officers

Honorary Canon
Canon Carlo Liviero Morini dei Morin

Latin America:
St Alban’s Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lay Reader
Mr Edward Alexander Kesting

United Kingdom:
Secretary to Metropolitan Synod
Mr Kevin Richard, BA