Institutions that wish to become members of the Association, either without seeking accreditation, or as a preliminary step to an application for accreditation, may do so subject to satisfactory review and usually the payment of an annual membership fee. The fee may be waived in the case of institutions which are non-profit and which do not normally charge student fees, as is for example the case in a number of the smaller church seminaries which operate on a purely voluntary basis.

The Association aspires to provide a voice for its members as well as facilitating co-operation, mutual understanding and recognition between institutions. Members are assessed for compatibility with the religious ethos of the Association and at a preliminary level for satisfactory operation.

Members may make a statement as to their membership on websites and other documentation using an agreed form of wording provided by the Association. This is as follows:

[Institution name] is a member of the Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools. The Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools is a membership association open to Christian institutions both in the United States and abroad that works to establish high standards in the provision of religious education.

They may also use the following Member Logo: