Teacher Certification

The Association offers a program of teacher certification for in-service Christian teachers at the elementary, high school or graduate school levels. There are two levels of certification: associate teacher and master teacher.

Certification is undertaken by review of a portfolio of evidence supplied by the teacher and a minimum of three references, at least one of which should be from the candidate’s Principal. The following qualities are sought:

  • The candidate should hold a degree (Master) or be in the process of earning one (Associate)
  • The candidate submits a paper that details his or her profession of the Christian Faith and details the way in which the Faith has illuminated and influenced his or her teaching.
  • The candidate shows evidence of a satisfactory contribution to the teaching profession (Associate) or a sustained and valuable contribution to the teaching profession (Master).
  • The candidate shows evidence of continuing professional development (Master).
  • The candidate shows evidence, through references and/or other material, of good relations with the school community and with colleagues.

The Association may charge a fee for review of the candidate’s portfolio, though this may be waived in the case of individuals who teach on a voluntary basis, for example in seminaries that are operated without charging student fees. Successful candidates receive a certificate to confirm their achievement.

Teacher certification by the Association is a religious form of certification and is intended to be complimentary to state certification schemes. It is at the discretion of the school as to whether certification confers eligibility for promotion or other benefits.