The Pythagorean University of Krotona

The Pythagorean University of Krotona, Graeca Magna, was founded by the great philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras in the fifth century before Christ. In the twentieth-century, it was re-established and chartered by the Patriarchate of Antioch in the Ancient Orthodox Catholic Church under Patriarch Moran Mar Basilius Abdullah III (Dr William Bernard Crow, 1895-1976).

Dr Crow’s life and work is detailed on this page. He was both an Orthodox bishop and a distinguished scientist, holding the degree of Doctor of Science of the University of London. He was also, through the Order of the Holy Wisdom, concerned with the study of religious and supernatural belief from the origins of man onwards. His re-establishment of the Pythagorean University was for the study of the Arcane Sciences and matters cognate thereto, and that continues to be its function today.

In 2015, the University together with the Apostolate of the Holy Wisdom (including the Ancient Orthodox Catholic Church) was inherited by the Prince-Abbot of San Luigi.

Today, the University is formally organized as a division of the Western Orthodox University (Florida, USA) which is the awarding body for its degrees. It acts as a specialized and enclosed research institution in close association with the Order of the Holy Wisdom, whose members are generally already experienced in its areas of interest. At the present time, its programmes are not open to the general public.

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