Clergy of the Order of Antioch

High Protectorate

High Protector

The late Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia



The Prince-Abbot

Members in the Second Class of the Order

H.E. The Most Revd. François-Marie, Duc de Fournier de Brescia
The Most Revd. Raphaël-Magnoald Steck GCCT

Memory Eternal!

Deceased members of the Order have included:

Archbishop Frederick Ebenezer John Lloyd (Founder of the Order)
St. John Churchill Sibley
St. George Alexander McGuire
H.S.H. Prince-Abbot Edmond I de San Luigi
H.S.H. Prince-Abbot Edmond II de San Luigi
H.S.H. the Most Revd. Prince Kermit Poling de Gniezno (Mar Titus)
The Most Revd. Frederic Charles Aloysius Harrington (Frederic Mar et Met.)
The Most Revd. Charles Sidney John White
The Rt. Revd. Timothy Howard Ellsworth Mather (Mar Timotheus II)
The Most Revd. Henry M. George (Mar Cyprian)
The Most Revd. Lowell Paul Wadle (Mar Paul)
The Most Revd. Justin Boyle (Robert Raleigh)
The Most Revd. Samuel Gregory Lines
The Most Revd. J.W. Damian Hough
The Most Revd. Alfred Thomas Bennett Haines
The Most Revd. Preston Bradley
The Most Revd. J. Morrison Thomas
The Rt. Revd. Frank Dyer
H.S.B. Mar Georgius of Glastonbury
The Most Revd. Herbert Francis Wilkie
H.E. the Rt. Revd. Abbot Dom Klaus Schlapps, OPR, Duke of Saih Nasra
H.E. the Most Revd. Peter Paul Brennan
The Rt. Revd. Philip James Thompson
Fr. Alastair George Brodie
Fr. Alfred Kaufmann
Fr. Michael A.H.J. Thomas
Fr. Michael Waller