There are four dependent Associations under the Abbey-Principality’s governance:

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse

International College of Arms of the Noblesse armsThe International College of Arms of the Noblesse was founded in 1925 at the International Convention of the Noblesse de Race, by virtue of powers confirmed to the noblesse by Francis II, King of France, and extended by Ordinances of the Kings of France dated 1725 and 1744 respectively, as recognized and maintained by Articles XXXVII and XLV of the Capitulation of Montreal 1760, and guaranteed by the Quebéc-Canada Act 1774 and by Articles II and XXVI of the Treaty of Paris 1763.

>>International College of Arms of the Noblesse

The Institute of Arts and Letters, London

IAL Lond deviceThe Institute of Arts and Letters, London, is a small and exclusive learned society, based in England’s capital but with an international membership, devoted to the study of the arts and letters in their broadest sense, and to the promotion of humanitarian and philanthropic endeavour. Membership is limited to fifty persons of high achievement in their fields, who are designated Fellows of the Institute, and entitled to use the postnominal letters F.I.A.L.(Lond.)

>>Institute of Arts and Letters, London

The Epiphany Guild

The Epiphany Guild is a religious and learned society of Anglican ministers, ordained and lay, founded in New York in 1924 and incorporated in 1931 by Archbishop Arthur Wolfort Brooks (a priest of the Episcopal Church and later the founding bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church), and revived along its current lines (initially under the name Epiphany Fellowship) by the late Canon Dr Paul Faunch of the AEC and the Church of England. It is an institution of the Apostolic Episcopal Church with the aim of promoting and raising the standard of worship conducted in the tradition of the Book of Common Prayer.

>>Epiphany Guild

The Regency of Lomar

The Regency of Lomar is fundamentally a small sovereign, non-territorial, non-profit, transnational diplomatic and humanitarian institution, or non-government organization (NGO). ROL primarily provides humanitarian and direct aid for refugees and other abused people, and works closely with international aid, government and non-government organizations in compliance with the UNHCR Convention of the Status of Refugees and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

>>Regency of Lomar