There are several dependent Associations under the Abbey-Principality’s governance.

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse was founded in 1925 at the International Convention of the Noblesse de Race, by virtue of powers confirmed to the noblesse by Francis II, King of France, and extended by Ordinances of the Kings of France dated 1725 and 1744 respectively, as recognized and maintained by Articles XXXVII and XLV of the Capitulation of Montreal 1760, and guaranteed by the Quebéc-Canada Act 1774 and by Articles II and XXVI of the Treaty of Paris 1763.

>>International College of Arms of the Noblesse

The Institute of Arts and Letters, London

IAL Lond deviceThe Institute of Arts and Letters, London, is a small and exclusive learned society, based in England’s capital but with an international membership, devoted to the study of the arts and letters in their broadest sense, and to the promotion of humanitarian and philanthropic endeavour. Membership is limited to fifty persons of high achievement in their fields, who are designated Fellows of the Institute, and entitled to use the postnominal letters F.I.A.L.(Lond.)

>>Institute of Arts and Letters, London

The Belarus Monarchist Association

Arms of the Belarus Monarchist AssociationThe Belarus Monarchist Association is the membership association for those wishing to support monarchical restoration in Belarus and the Royal House Polanie-Patrikios in exile. Key to its immediate aims is that the people of Belarus, including those in diaspora, should have the opportunity to decide for themselves, through a referendum or other means, whether they wish to see a return to monarchism. The Association also believes that Belarus should seek its monarchist destiny as a fully independent nation with its own monarch and indigenous church and not as a part of a restored Russian Empire or as a satellite of the Russian Orthodox Church.

>>Belarus Monarchist Association

The Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is the ceremonial corps of the Royal House Polanie-Patrikios. The Knights Nobilis Excubitor of the Byzantine Order of Leo V the Armenian are de facto members of the Imperial Guard, with others appointed as necessary.

The Constantinople Orthodox Institute

The Constantinople Orthodox Institute was founded by Prince Kermit of Miensk on 1 January 2006. It is a study society aiming to foster interest in various aspects of Byzantine faith, history and culture, and membership is open to all interested in its work. Members are encouraged, through informal, self-directed study, to improve their knowledge of the Byzantine period through reading books, watching videos and doing research. Over the last few years, “The Excubitor” has listed a number of useful resources that may be helpful to Institute members.

Persons whose work on the Byzantine era is of particular distinction may be awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Byzantine Studies by the Institute.

Constantinople Orthodox Institute HonDBysSt

Honorary Doctorate of Byzantine Studies awarded by Prince Kermit of Miensk to the Prince-Abbot of San Luigi, 2012.