For educational purposes, we reproduce below the article on the Order of the Crown of Thorns and the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi that was published in the encyclopedia “Ordini Cavallereschi: Storia e Decorazioni” (Chivalric Orders: History and Insignia) by Vincenzo Privitera (Centro Culturale Siciliano – Trinacria, 1982). The work is dedicated to Pope John Paul II.

It remains only to add that the account by Privitera, though generally accurate, has a couple of discrepancies as to dates: it was in 1892 that the Syrian Patriarch appointed Prince-Abbot Joseph III as Grand Master of the Order of the Crown of Thorns, not 1882; and Prince-Abbot Edmond II succeeded his predecessor in 1961, not 1966. It will be seen that the insignia of the Order in use under Edmond II are illustrated.

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