Court Hunting Honour Badge of San Luigi

The Court Hunting Honour Badge of San Luigi is an unique item presented to the Prince-Abbot by San Luigi Counsellor of State Admiral Carl Lemke, Duke of Astravets. The design is based on the Koniglich Preussische Hofjagdehrenzeichen instituted in 1909 by Kaiser Wilhelm II, with the distinguishing letters SL added. The badge is cast in bronze with guilloché enamelling and 24 carat gold gilding.

Institute of Arts and Letters, London

Robert David Freese was presented with the Fellowship of the Institute of Arts and Letters (London) at the Reunion of the Central School of Religion held at St Jude’s Free Church of England, Balham, London, on 5 October. Our new Fellow is aged 81. He is a Reader in the Free Church of England and served as Warden at St Jude’s for many years. The award of the Fellowship recognizes his contribution to the Church and to charity. He was one of the early instigators of Wandsworth Oasis, which now operates a local network of charity shops that raises funds for people with HIV/AIDS, and has also volunteered with NACRO.

New partnerships with the Accademia Universitaria Internazionale

The Accademia Universitaria Internazionale was established in Italy in 1939 by the late Prince Hugo-José Tomassini Paternò, Head of the Tomasi-Leopardi (Justinian-Heraclian) Imperial House. It was registered with the Ministry of Public Instruction and established partnerships with other educational institutions internationally. Today under Prince Ezra, the current Head of the Imperial House, the Accademia has established reciprocal relationships of partnership, accreditation and recognition with a number of our institutions and divisions.


Awards for the Abbey-Principality and its institutions

The Abbey-Principality, the Apostolic Episcopal Church and several of the Abbey-Principality’s dependent institutions have received diplomas of merit from the International Corps for Civil and Health Emergencies, an international humanitarian association incorporated in the State of Wyoming, USA. In addition, the Institute of Arts and Letters (London) has received a Diploma of Merit from the Centre of International Diplomatic Studies “Il Mediterraneo” based in Rome, Italy.

Death of Bishop Pedro Bravo-Guzman

The Apostolic Episcopal Church has been informed of the death of Bishop Pedro Bravo Guzman following a long illness. He was seventy years old.

Bishop Pedro was Presiding Bishop of the Association of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Churches (AIELC) which was in communion with the AEC, and pastored St Peter and St Paul Independent Lutheran Church in Astoria, New York. His associate clergy were Archbishop Spataro of the AEC and Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan of the Order of Corporate Reunion. Services were conducted in Spanish and membership was reported as 55 persons. Bishop Bravo together with Archbishop Spataro was a member of the Queens Federation of Churches, NY. Bishop Bravo served additionally as a Provost of the Order of Corporate Reunion during Archbishop Brennan’s primacy.

He suffered a stroke in 2016 and subsequently stepped down from his position in the AIELC in favour of Bishop Manuel A. Acuna of Argentina.

Memory Eternal!

New partnership for the International College of Arms of the Noblesse

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse has entered into a reciprocal Treaty of Full Collaboration, Partnership, Accreditation and Recognition with  the ASAM University and have also received a Certificate of Appreciation from the University. The ASAM University is a private university registered in Rome, Italy, since 1996. For further information, see this page.

Prince-Abbot receives honours

The Prince-Abbot has recently been appointed Grand Prior for the United Kingdom of the Order of the Calamian Star of Peace. The Order is awarded by Tagbanwa Tribal Chieftain H.M. Rodolfo Aguilar I, ruler of the Coron Island Ancestral Domain in The Philippines.

The Prince-Abbot, who already holds several honours of the Royal House of Sulu (Philippines), has received the Medal of Solidarity awarded by H.R.H. Princess Dayang-Dayang nur Mahal T. Kiram. The Princess is the sister of Ampun Sultan Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram, the current Head of the Royal House of Sulu.