Easter 2022


“The grace of Easter is a great silence, an immense tranquility and a clean taste in your soul. It is the taste of heaven, but not the heaven of some wild exaltation. The Easter vision is not riot and drunkenness of spirit, but a discovery of order above all order—a discovery of God and of all things in Him. This is a wine without intoxication, a joy that has no poison in it. It is life without death. Tasting it for a moment, we are briefly able to see and love all things according to their truth, to possess them in their substance hidden in God, beyond all sense. For desire clings to the vesture and accident of things, but charity possesses them in the simple depths of God.” – Thomas Merton OCSO (1915-68)

Treaties of Friendship with the Orders of the Royal House of Lusignan

In the early years of the revival of the Order of the Crown of Thorns (the last decades of the nineteenth-century) friendly contact was in place between the Order and the Royal House of Lusignan, several of whose members served as Patrons of the Order.

Now, in the twenty-first century, this relationship has been reconfirmed with the signing of Treaties of Friendship between the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi and two Orders of the Royal House of Lusignan, the Order of St Catherine of Mount Sinai and the Order of St Blaise.

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Partnership with the Ordo Equestris Reginae Caeli

The Abbey-Principality has entered into an agreement of partnership with the Ordo Equestris Reginae Caeli, a religious order of knights in the spirit of the Benedictine tradition. The Prince-Abbot is a Grand Cross Chaplain of the Order while the Præceptor Generalis of the Order, H.E. Dom David Perez y Alvarez, is a Grand Cross of the Order of the Crown of Thorns.

More information about the Order and its charitable works can be found at its website https://www.oerc.eu

Apostolic Episcopal Church Provincial Synod

The clergy of the Province of St Mary the Virgin of the Apostolic Episcopal Church met in Synod on Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. co-ordinated from Ecuador (Provincial Headquarters) by the Provincial, Mar Pantaleon, and with attendance through the medium of the internet. The Provincial Synod was attended by all the Bishops and clergy in good standing with the Provincial See, and clergy from the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Spain participated. A letter sent by the AEC Primate and Presiding Bishop Mar Joannes Edmundus with a reflection on John 6:38-40 was read. The reports from each of the Dioceses were received, as well as their pastoral projections for 2022. Better times are really coming in our Province and in our Church! Despite the restrictions stemming from the Covid pandemic, the clergy have managed to continue serving their people. We pray that God’s blessing will rest upon their work and the people whom they serve.

Small Charities Coalition

The San Luigi Orders Charitable Trust in the United Kingdom has been a member organization of the Small Charities Coalition and Charity Trustee Network since September 2013. The Small Charities Coalition has recently announced that it intends to close in March 2022. As yet, there is no alternative organization for small charities in England that are below the financial threshold for registration; should there be one in the future, the Trust will consider joining it.

The charitable status of the Trust is unaffected by this news and it remains recognized as a charity by HM Revenue and Customs.