1. The Anglican Association of Schools and Colleges is established this first day of September in the year of Our Lord 2016 by this Constitution issued by the Primate and Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, Mar Joannes Edmundus, as an official ministry of the Apostolic Episcopal Church and the Catholicate of the West.
  2. The mission of the Association is to assure the maintenance of high standards in Christian education. It upholds a traditional Anglican viewpoint that is predominantly theologically conservative, and that is actualized through educational programs that meet suitable moral, theological and intellectual objectives.
  3. The Association admits to membership those institutions that are compatible with a traditional Anglican viewpoint, whether or not they are controlled or sponsored by a particular church, or are non-denominational in character.
  4. The Association is endowed with a canonical juridical personality in civil law.
  5. The Association shall be maintained through the persons and institutions of the Apostolic Episcopal Church without having a single central office.
  6. The Association shall be an autonomous body subject only to the canons of the Apostolic Episcopal Church and Catholicate of the West and having no affiliation or allegiance to government or governmental agencies.
  7. The Association shall establish, maintain and periodically review criteria for the qualitative assessment of the proper functioning of Christian and specifically Anglican institutions of education and shall accredit institutions that have met an acceptable standard in fulfilling those criteria. In so doing it shall take account of a wide range of sources on educational quality, having in mind not only contemporary trends but also enduring aspects of past models of Anglican education.
  8. The Association’s work in promoting quality in Christian education shall be seen in the context of assistance in the work of:
    1. Promoting the Revelation of the Living Christ;
    2. Promoting the general work of evangelization;
    3. Providing effective training for clergy, ordinands and laity that is compatible with a proper moral foundation and a sound competence in those matters taught and examined.
  9. The Association’s membership and accrediting activities shall be international in scope and not limited to any single national model.
  10. The Association shall satisfy itself before admitting an institution to membership or accreditation that the institution is compliant with applicable laws and statutory regulations in its jurisdiction(s) of operation.
  11. The Association shall be governed by officers appointed by the Primate and Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church from within Metropolitan Synod of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, with the power to co-opt others as necessary.
  12. The Association shall be empowered to issue reports on accreditation proceedings and to make the results of its decisions public.
  13. The Association may make Regulations for its conduct and develop Policy Documents on specific matters provided these are compliant with this Constitution.
  14. The Association shall function as a non-profit body.

Approved this first day of September 2016

[L+S] Joannes Edmundus
Primate and Presiding Bishop, The Apostolic Episcopal Church