A specific objective of the San Luigi Orders is to encourage our members – and others who support our work – towards the expression of Christian charity and service. These Orders also recognize, through admission to their ranks, individuals who have contributed to charitable work in their communities and beyond.

Each Grand Priory determines the charitable causes that it wishes to assist, and through meetings and other events, raises funds for them from among our members and supporters. A voluntary collection in aid of a good cause is usually made at each meeting of members of the Order.

All members are also expected to be active supporters of charitable work within their personal capacity, and to support the work of humanitarian relief through prayer.

In the past, the English Grand Priory of the San Luigi Orders has raised funds to support two London hospitals and for Oxfam. It has also organized clothing collections and the collection and sale of used foreign stamps for the aid of those in need. From 2012 onwards, the Orders have sought to raise funds for development projects in Bunyoro-Kitara.