Members of the San Luigi Orders: Bishop Louis-Marie-François Giraud of the Gallican Church

Bishop Louis-Marie-François Giraud (1876-1951) was Primate of the Eglise Catholique Gallicane (the Gallican Church) in succession to Bishop Jules-Ernest Houssaye. He was a Prelate-Commander of the Order of the Crown of Thorns.

Giraud became a choir-brother at the Cistercian monastery of Fontgombault aged sixteen, and received the minor orders. In 1905, the monastery was dispersed and the following year Giraud, having heard of Prince-Abbot Joseph III, placed himself under his jurisdiction and was ordained conditionally up to the priesthood, that last order being conferred on 21 June 1907. He served the parish of the Holy Apostles in Paris from 1907-08 and his popularity led to his election as bishop in the latter year.

He moved to the parish of Ardin, and by 1911, he was serving as vicar to the Abbé Julio (Houssaye) at the chapel of Aïre in Switzerland. Houssaye consecrated him but died the following year. Giraud then returned to France and established himself at La Mine-Saint Amant Roche-Savine (Livradois). In 1913 his work bore fruit when he dedicated a church there to the Holy Trinity. He served in the war of 1914-18 as a military chaplain and was twice mentioned in dispatches for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire. He was Primate of the Eglise Catholique Gallicane and Prelate Commander for France of the Order of the Crown of Thorns from 1912 until his retirement in 1950.