Prince-Abbot honoured by four State Governors

The United States of America does not recognize titles of nobility, but that does not mean that it has not developed a system of honours of its own. To receive a titular military commission from those states that maintain such a system is an honour that can be traced back to the antebellum era, when the landed gentry received such awards for financing the militia without being expected to take actual command. In some cases there is a tongue-in-cheek element to the award – Nebraska appoints Admirals of its Great Navy, but the state is landlocked, and the Admiral commission makes reference not only to command over officers and seamen, but also tadpoles and goldfish.

Over the years, the Prince-Abbot has received honours from four State Governors of the United States. He is a Kentucky Colonel (Kentucky’s highest honour), a Nebraska Admiral (Nebraska’s highest honour), a Lieutenant Colonel, Aide de Camp Governor’s Staff by commission of the Governor of Georgia, and an Honorary Texan by commission of Governor Rick Perry. These awards emphasise the warm relationship that exists between the Prince-Abbot and the United States as well as continuing over a century of history of the Abbey-Principality there.

Kentucky Colonel

Nebraska Admiral

Georgia Lt Col

Honorary Texan