From the archives: A photograph of Archbishop William Bernard Crow

This photograph of the future Archbishop William Bernard Crow (Mar Bernard, subsequently Mar Basilius Abdullah III) (1895-1976) has recently been shared with us by his family. Dr Crow is shown here in the full dress robes of a Doctor of Science of the University of London.

Dr Crow held the degrees of Associate of Arts (University of Oxford), Master of Science (University of Wales), Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science (University of London). This last degree was a rare academic distinction awarded in 1928 for a thesis entitled “Contributions to the Principles of Morphology” At that time, the higher doctorate of Doctor of Science from a British university was so prized that a university professor who had been awarded the degree would be called Doctor rather than Professor. Dr Crow was aged 33 in 1928 and so would have been one of the youngest persons ever to be awarded this degree.

At the University of London, the Doctor of Science degree by examination was withdrawn on 30 September 2001 and is no longer awarded.

Dr Crow’s published D.Sc. thesis (1929) – a signed copy preserved in our archives.

The academic robes for the Doctor of Science degree worn by Dr Crow in the photograph were of scarlet cloth, faced and the sleeves and hood lined with faculty silk, which for Science was gold.

Dr Crow was Grand Master of the Apostolate of the Holy Wisdom (which includes the Ancient Catholic Orthodox Church). This has since 2015 been united with the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi, which continues its work.