Lectures of Archbishop John van Ryswyck

Archbishop John van Ryswyck (1898-1963), whose biography can be read here, was a senior member of, and British representative of, the San Luigi Orders between the 1940s and 1960. He was consecrated bishop in 1949 by Mar Georgius of Glastonbury, first Catholicos of the West.

His Lectures were delivered between 1942 and 1947 and reflect his personal perspectives on a variety of issues that pertain to the more esoteric aspects of the Christian Faith and its history. They were originally collected and placed online by members of his family, and are now reproduced for educational purposes so that they may again be accessible to scholars.

The opinions expressed in these Lectures are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of this jurisdiction.

Index of John Van Ryswyk’s Lectures 1942-47

1-4. Introductory: definitions of religion, science and philosophy.
5. The inner pattern of all religions; the “Heaven-Father”
6-10. Decoding the Genesis story from its Sanskrit origin.
11. J.v.R’s ”Three-in-One Cell Theory” (see 79, 87)
12. The mind analysed in its three parts, or functions.
13. ”Lo-Gos”, the word, from Sanskrit, ”Lo” = ”Sound” ”Gos” = ”Divine” (see 51)
14. God in manifestation: His body, Mind and soul. (see 56)
15. The Invisible: the Comos is finite.
16. Thought-forms; the battle between good and evil.
17. An expanding all-round view, in learning, is superior to a step-by-step method of teaching; The power of thought. Christ the Philosopher.
18. Actuality; the Spirit includes all vibration.
19. The one-ness of all life. (see 52)
20. The law of correspondence; man in the image of God. The Balancing Breath. (see 55)
21. Evolution by re-embodiment, the key to the in-equality of man. All things are living.
22. Evolution continued. The path to perfection at the human stage.
23. Evolution throughout creation. The Ascension of Christ was by de-materialisation.
24. Recapitulation. Morley Martin’s experiment, demonstrating the indestructibility of matter.
25-35. Twelve lectures on the Tao-Teh-King in relation to Christianity.
36. Christianity and Eastern philosophy. The consciousness Exercise.
37. Christianity and Islam.
38. Christianity and Gnosticism. Pt. 1
39. Christianity and Gnosticism. Pt. 2
40. Christianity and Buddhism.
41. The Incarnation of Christ (see 57)
42. Christ and the evolutionary process.
43. The mystical aspect of Sound. (see 63)
44. The entrance of Soul into man. Soul-mates.
45. Karma, the Law of Redemption. (see 47)
46. The Soul and Mind in Time.
47. Responsibility. The Akashic Records.
48. The Spirtual centre within. Christ is within.
49. Further warning against outside control.
50. Stages of Man’s search. The four corner-stones, the four ‘L’s’. (see 53)
51-57. The 12 precepts of John van Ryswyk.
58. The two Wills.
59. The Cosmos is the material (finite) universe, not Reality
60-61. The difference between Mind and Soul. (see 53)
62-63. Awareness. Sound is colour.
64. Thought – how it comes into being
65. More about sound. Lucifer (see 43)
66. The continuity of the picture. The Jig-saw.
67. Everything in life has something to tell us of the spiritual.
68. Finding one’s own centre.
69. True measurement. The ”Sacred Inch.” Go’s Aura.
70. The finite is part of the Infinite: everything is threefold.
(71. Not Available)
72. Sound, contd. The conversion of mind into soul.
(73. Not Available)
74. The Positive and Negative in all Religions. Woman – the ”Power behind the Throne”.
75. Practise contact with all life.
76. The Transformers. Don’t expect a spiritual cup of tea!
77. The path of Evolution is circular.
78. Power is within.
79. The Three-in-One Cell and pre-natal influence.
80. We cannot picture God-the-Father.
81. More about the Three-in-One Cell. God, the germ within the egg. Thought is colour.
82. On ”Precept 7.” (No.53). ”Learn to differentiate between Mind and Soul….”.
83. The Inequality of Man (see 55)
84. Mind control.
85. Hades, a state of consciousness. (see 54)
86. St. Augustine.
87. The Quest. Thoughts from various philosophers.
88. The child is not merely an infant. The importance of the mother’s attitude during pregnancy.
89. The theories of Plato and of other ancient philosophers. (see 51, part 2) Christ-ianity and Christian-ism
90. More about the theories of philosophers.
91. How to develop awareness.
92-95. The Palaeosophic treatment of disease. (see also 20)
96. Introduction to the study of Christian philosophers.
97-105. The philosophy of Jacob Boehme.
106-112. The philosophy of Descartes.
113-116. The philosophy of Roger Bacon
117. The most wonderful journey of the soul.
118. The power of thought.

The complete Lectures listed above may be downloaded in pdf format at this link:

>>The Lectures of Archbishop John van Ryswyck, 1942-47