False claims to the International College of Arms of the Noblesse by John Charlton Rudge/John The Duke of Avram

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse was founded in 1925 at the International Convention of the Noblesse de Race in the United States of America, by virtue of powers previously confirmed to the noblesse by Francis II, King of France and extended to French-speaking Canada. King Francis II recognized the right of the noblesse to govern themselves in all matters heraldic, which was then confirmed and extended by Ordinances of the Kings of France dated 1725 and 1744 respectively, as recognized and maintained by Articles XXXVII and XLV of the Capitulation of Montreal 1760, and guaranteed by the Quebéc-Canada Act 1774 and by Articles II and XXVI of the Treaty of Paris 1763.

At the International Convention in 1925 the College was placed under the control of Count H. Victor Cherep-Spiridovich, formerly aide-de-camp to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. From him, it passed to the British Orthodox Archbishop Mar Frederic Harrington, and on Archbishop Harrington’s death in 1942 he was succeeded as Supreme Herald-Marshall by Mar Jacobus II, British Patriarch. In 1945, Mar Jacobus II appointed as his successor Mar Georgius, Catholicos of the West.

The College was incorporated under Act XXI of 1860 in India on 20 February 1950 (registration 5/1950) as a constituent corporation of the Catholicate of the West. In 1953, Mar Georgius separated his work from the Catholicate, abandoning the Indian incorporation, and founded a new organization. However, the Catholicate continued in existence independently from Mar Georgius and on 6 August 1977 was formally united with the headship of the Apostolic Episcopal Church in an act registered with the Secretary of State of California, USA. In February 2015, the present Prince-Abbot of San Luigi also became Presiding Bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church and Catholicos of the West, whereby the College became part of a common administration with the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi under the Prince-Abbot as Supreme Herald-Marshall.

The International College of Arms of the Noblesse, Limited, is incorporated in England and Wales with number 13020067. Contact details are contained on the contact page.

John The Duke of Avram, born John Charlton Rudge, is an Australian citizen and the leader of a micronation called the Grand Duchy of Avram. He has represented and issued documents in the name of the International College of Arms of the Noblesse without any legitimate authority and in contravention of the rights of the rightful owners of the College.

Representations were made by us in 2015 to John The Duke of Avram asking by what right and authority he used the name of the College. The response was “We took over the organisation in good faith by Letters Patent in 1987 and have been issuing Letters Patent from that date”. This was interpreted by our office as meaning that any such authority had been entirely self-assumed. Despite being made aware of the rightful representation of the College within the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi, no adjustment or retraction has been forthcoming from the Grand Duchy of Avram.

Consequently, this notice is published to make the public aware that the use of the name of the College by the Grand Duchy of Avram is without legitimacy and in contravention of the rights of the genuine College, and that any heraldic grants that may have been made by the Grand Duchy of Avram using the name of the College will not be recognized within the genuine College.