Members of the San Luigi Orders: Bishop Paulo Miraglia Gulotti of the National Episcopal Church of Italy

Louis Prota Giurleo Miraglia Gulotti (1857-1916) was the first Primate of the Chiesa Episcopale Nazionale Italiana. He was Prelate-Commander of the Order of the Crown of Thorns for Italy.

He was ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church in Italy in 1879, taking the name Paulo, and joined the Society of Jesus. On 2 May 1895 he founded the Chiesa Cattolica Italiana Indipendente, and as a result was excommunicated by Rome on 15 April 1896. He founded the journal Le Jerome Savonarole. Prince-Abbot Joseph III consecrated him in Paris as Bishop of Piacenza and head of the Chiesa Episcopale Nazionale Italiana on 6 May 1900. Hearing of this event, Pope Leo XIII excommunicated Prince-Abbot Joseph III and confirmed the earlier excommunication of Gulotti on 13 June.

On 15 September 1900, Gulotti established the Seminario Teologico di Formazione Presbiterale, Milan. Between 1900 and 1904 he was a refugee on Corsica, and there joined an independent Old Catholic mission. In May 1908 he settled in New York where he was Prince-Abbot Joseph III’s suffragan, and with him subscribed to the Declaration of Ecclesiastical Principles issued on 6 January 1910. He ministered extensively to Italian-American communities and established missions in New York, Ohio, New Jersey and West Virginia. In addition, he visited England, and consecrated William Patterson Whitebrook, a barrister, at Headley, Hampshire, on 27 December 1908.

During 1916, Mgr. Gulotti was partially paralyzed and came to live with Prince-Abbot Joseph III at the rectory of Our Lady in Chicago. On June 25 he died of heart disease. His jurisdiction was subsequently incorporated into the North American Old Roman Catholic Church, which has several successor bodies that survive today.