Royal Patron launches palace reconstruction to mark 21st anniversary of accession

Hoima- The prime minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Mr Norman Lukumu, has launched the reconstruction of Karuziika Palace, the official royal headquarters of the King of Bunyoro.

“The palace reconstruction is one of the activities that have started in the run- up to the Omukama’s 21st coronation anniversary celebrations,” Lukumu said on Wednesday while launching the exercise.

The Omukama of Bunyoro, Dr Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I, who ascended the throne on June 11 1994, will mark his 21st coronation anniversary this Thursday.

“Besides the reconstruction of the palace, we have also started the Omuganda fundraising drive. We shall not keep lamenting about the challenges we are facing. This is one of the efforts we have started to revive our past glory,” he said.

The Omuganda drive is a voluntary contribution of funds or logistical support towards the kingdom’s development programmes.

Bunyoro Spirit
“We can do many things as Banyoro. Historically, we would team up, pull resources to undertake magnificent development projects. That is the spirit we are reviving,” Mr Lukumu said, adding that the kingdom will also work on a mindset of her people who seem to be contended with the little they have.

He said the funds to be realised out of the fundraising drive, will be used in kick starting key infrastructural and livelihood improvement projects.

Some of the proceeds will also be used to set up health centres and a hospital to compliment Government’s delivery of health services. “We also plan to support household income enhancement of our people so that we uplift their economic status,” he said.