Dr. P. M. Lisboa Pinto : Founder Lay-trustee of the Latin Rite Community of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church


The Metropolitan Alvares Julius Research Project has published an article on Dr. P.M. Lisboa Pinto (1857-98), who was an early Patron of the Order of the Crown of Thorns. The article describes Dr Lisboa Pinto as “a beacon star in the history of the Latin Rite believers ((Independent Catholic Mission Church of Ceylon Goa and India) of the Indian Malankara Orthodox Church.”

Dr Lisboa Pinto was present at the episcopal consecration of Metropolitan Mar Timotheus (Joseph René Vilatte, who would in 1899 become Prince-Abbot Joseph III of San Luigi) in 1892, and his signature is clearly visible on the Instrument of Consecration reproduced below.

Vilatte consecration cert