Orthodox Liturgy Celebrated after a gap of 59 years at the Historic Mission field of Metropolitan Alvares Julius : Mission in Dindigul Revamped

OCP News Service- 30/7/14

“Dindigul/Tamil Nadu/India: It was a golden moment in the history of the Indian Malankara Orthodox church as well as churches with the Apostolic Succession of MAR JULIUS I (Arch bishop of Goa, Ceylon and India excluding Malabar) when Orthodox Liturgy was served by the prelates of the Chennai Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church on 29th July 2014 at the historic Mission field in Dindigul after a gap of 59 year. (In 1889 July 29 Fr. AFX Alvares Ramban was consecrated as the Arch bishop and primate of Independent catholic mission (Latin rite of Church of Malabar) at old Seminary Kottayam by HE Mar Joseph Dionysious, HG Mar Paul Athanasious, HG George Ivanious and HG St.Gregorious)

The historic event of 125th anniversary was celebrated on a joint initiative by the Madras diocese of Indian Malankara Orthodox Church (IMOC) and Orthodoxy Cognate Page (OCP) society in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India on 29th July 2014.

IMOC & OCP have now officially revamped the Dindigul Orthodox Mission of Saintly Metropolitan Alvares Julius I after a gap 57 years by holding holy liturgy. The chief celebrant is Fr. Sam (Vicar Padi Church, Chennai) in the presence Metropolitan Diascoros (Primate of the Chennai Diocese of IMOC). The OCP Society was represented by Ajeh T Phillip (Chief Project Coordinator – MARP). It was Ajesh who rediscovered the lost community of St Gregorious in Dindigul as well as the Independent Catholic Church in Sempatty.”

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Mar Julius I Alvarez was the consecrator of Prince-Abbot Joseph III and one of the first members and Patrons of the Order of the Crown of Thorns. The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi is among the churches with Apostolic Succession of Mar Julius I as referred to in the first paragraph above.