Death of Mgr. Mael

mgr maelThe Abbey-Principality extends its condolences on the passing of Mgr. Mael (Paul-Edouard Fournier de Brescia), Primate of the Celtic Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Dol. He was aged 91 years.

Mgr. Mael and his fellow clergy were responsible for restoring the monastery of Saint-Dolay that had been established by St Tugdual, progenitor of the Old Catholic Church of Great Britain (in which church the Prince-Abbot succeeded as Primate in August 2012). As a bishop of the Orthodox Church of the British Isles, which had been established by Mar Georgius of Glastonbury in 1969 representing the Ferrette succession from the Syrian Orthodox Church, he was part of the group of clergy who in 1994 disagreed with the decision of its Synod to unite with the Coptic Orthodox Church and who consequently formed the Celtic Orthodox Church. Mgr. Mael was elected Primate of the Celtic Orthodox Church in 1995 and thoroughly restructured the jurisdiction in the light of its changed circumstances and mission. In 1996, the Celtic Orthodox Church canonized St Tugdual and was also responsible for organizing the preservation of his relics.

Friendly relations have existed between the Celtic Orthodox Church and our intercommunion partner the Mission Gallicane d’Alsace, and in addition several former clergy of our own jurisdiction visited the monastery over the years and were warmly received there with sympathetic fellowship. The unique atmosphere of the monastery made a deep impression upon visitors and reflected an Orthodoxy that was born of an extensive and sincere inner spiritual conviction.

Memory Eternal!