Letters from the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church is the most direct ecclesiastical descendant of the church responsible for the consecration of Prince-Abbot Joseph III (Archbishop Joseph René Vilatte) in 1892.

In 1987, the consecrator of the present Prince-Abbot, Archbishop Professor Bertil Persson OCR, wrote to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church concerning this consecration. The reply he received from Bishop Paulose Athanasius of that church is reproduced below, and as will be seen affirms the details of the consecration of Prince-Abbot Joseph III as well as the status of his principal consecrator, Mar Julius (Alvares).


In order to silence any doubt that might remain as to this matter, a member of the Order of the Crown of Thorns sought confirmation of the information conveyed in the above letter, and received the following reply from the Metropolitan Policarpos Geevarghese:

Vilatte 2It will be seen that these letters are clear and self-explanatory as to the position of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.