Relic of the Crown of Thorns

The community of Mgr. Raphaël-Magnoald Steck, OA, KOCT, bishop of the Order of Antioch and Bishop Moderator of the Union Apostolique Gallicane, has received the gift of a relic of the Crown of Thorns from a community in Hauts de Seine.

The holy relic will be solemnly venerated on Good Friday, on each 24 March to commemorate the anniversary of the miracle of the Crown of Thorns at Port Royal, and on the Sunday preceding 25 August to mark the reception of the Crown of Thorns by Saint Louis. The relic will also preside at synods of the Union Apostolique Gallicane.

We give thanks to God for this blessing. Holy Thorn which let the blood of our Saviour, save us.


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