Order of the Lion and Black Cross insignia remade to original pattern

The insignia of the Order of the Lion and the Black Cross has been remade to the original 1883 pattern by master insignia maker Admiral Carl Lemke, who holds the Warrant of the Abbey-Principality for the production of its insignia.

Over the years, several different styles have been used that have taken the design further away from its original appearance. The 1899 Statutes provide that “The Cross (Star) of the Order is a black Maltese Cross, outlined in gold, with a rampant Lion in gold in the centre upon a roundel of red.” The design is exemplified in the original Seal of the Order which is still in use today.

Below are displayed the breast stars of the original pattern for Knight Grand Cross and Knight Commander respectively.

Grand-Cross-Order-of-Lion-and-Black-Cross-Star Knight-Commander-Order-of-Lion-and-Black-Cross-Star