Official Statement of the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi

st_george_and_the_dragonThe Abbey-Principality of San Luigi has become aware of the dissemination of material via the website Wikipedia that is inaccurate and defamatory to the Abbey-Principality. The Abbey-Principality has submitted an official complaint to the Wikimedia Foundation and has published a full response at this link:

Response to material placed on Wikipedia by Robert Kobylinski and others

This statement should suffice to make it clear that the Abbey-Principality contests in the strongest terms the false statements that others have sought to present, and that it intends to respond fully to these attacks. We note also that a friend of the Abbey-Principality has published his own personal response to the matter which may be read (in French) here, and which expresses a trenchancy that is well in keeping with the spirit of the “valiant knight”.