Holy Week

Ever more bitter grows Thy Passion’s cup,
Filled up anew, a drink of deadly wine;
And are we able, Lord, with Thee to sup
The utmost measure of life’s sour vine?

Ever more pressing is the heavy load,
The weight of wrongs committed every day;
The mocking taunts of Thy revilers goad
Us on along the agonizing Way.

Humiliated Christ, here more and more
Within us Thy kenotic life complete.
Fill up what lacks in our devotion poor;
Reveal to all Thy nail-pierced hands and feet.

Canon George F. Tull

Canon Tull, who wrote this poem in 1955 (it was published in his anthology “The Quiet Ways” by Mitre Press in 1969, was Vice-Chancellor for Europe of the San Luigi Orders, Titular Abbot of San Encino in the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi, and a priest of the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain.