San Luigi Gazette Notice 2012/12


The Prince-Abbot has conceded the title of Duke of Saih Nasra to H.E. the Right Reverend Dom Klaus Schlapps, in recognition of humanitarian services. The title is granted for the lifetime of the holder with a special remainder permitting rehabilitation for his successor as Regent of the Regency of Lomar.

HIS EXCELLENCY THE RIGHT REVEREND DOM KLAUS DIETER SCHLAPPS OPR, 1st DUKE OF SAIH NASRA Abbot General, Order of Port Royal; Prior, St Severin’s Abbey, Kaufbeuren, Germany; Honorary Canon, St Michael’s Cathedral, Anglican Church of Cameroon; Knight Grand Cross of The Sovereign, Knightly and Noble Order of the Lion and the Black Cross (L’Ordre Souverain, Chevaleresque et Noble du Lion et de la Croix Noire); Knight Grand Cross of The Sovereign, Chivalrous, Noble and Religious Order of the Crown of Thorns (L’Ordre Souverain, Chevaleresque, Nobilaire et Religieux de la Couronne d’Epines)); Almoner and Senior Chaplain, Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Priory of Carpathia, Kosice; Grand Prior, Ökumenische Bruderschaft des Heiligen Grabs zu Jerusalem, Wettingen CH; Superintendent  und Intl. Director  International Green Cross Organisation (IGCO); Honorary President, Förderverein Santa Rosa de Lima e.V., Kaufbeuren; Regent, Regency of Lomar; Shufai Ngaibunri, Kingdom of Nso, Cameroon; Grosses Verdienstkreuz, Freundeskreis Hoch- und Deutschmeister Mannheim; b. 1959 deac. 1986 pr. 1987; monastic profession 1990; educ. seminaries in Germany and New Zealand.

Arms: (Not currently matriculated)