The San Luigi Orders welcome enquiries for membership from individuals around the world who are in sympathy with their aims and wish to contribute to the maintenance of the traditions of Chivalry in our own time as well as the charitable works of the Orders.

Membership in an Order of Chivalry is rightly viewed as a mark of distinction, and this is all the more the case in respect of the San Luigi Orders since they are under the Royal Patronage of a reigning monarch. For this reason, applications are accepted selectively, and candidates who are admitted are considered to have demonstrated merit through achievement, character and service. They are also expected to be active in their support of the Orders and the charitable causes that they sponsor, and to attend the investiture of the Orders that is usually held annually in the United Kingdom.

The principal distinguishing factor in membership is that the Order of the Crown of Thorns is confined to baptised Christians (without regard to denomination) while the Order of the Lion and the Black Cross has no such religious requirement, and is open to non-Christians as well as to atheists and agnostics. Other than this, no discriminatory factors are applied in the consideration of petitions.

The Companionates of the Orders are reserved for younger members who will, in due course, normally be promoted to Knight or Dame.

Wherever possible, a candidate aspiring to membership is required to obtain a sponsor from within the Orders to support their application as one of their required referees. Such sponsorship is likely to confer a significant advantage in consideration of an application. However, its absence does not disqualify the candidate.

Where petitions for membership are declined, it is the policy of the Orders not to give reasons for rejection or to enter into discussion regarding the decision.

When an application is accepted the applicant will be required to remit the Passage Fee, which is set at UK£200. The Annual Oblation for members is set at a minimum of UK£120 per annum and falls due on 1 January (members joining after October the previous year are not due to remit their first oblation until the second January after their admission); unless exempted, this is a requirement for a member to remain in good standing. All other contributions to the work of the Orders are purely voluntary. All passage fees, oblations and donations are payable to the San Luigi Orders Charitable Trust, which is recognized as a charity for tax purposes by H.M. Revenue and Customs under Paragraph 1, Schedule 6 of the Finance Act 2010.

Exemptions from fees may be made by the Prince Grand Master in the case of serving clergy and others at his sole discretion.

The Passage Fee does not include the cost of insignia, which can be purchased either from the Orders’ official suppliers online or by the Orders on behalf of the member concerned. Please note that all insignia is made bespoke.

Promotion to a higher rank in the Orders is made by the Prince Grand Master in the case of those who have rendered distinguished service to the cause of San Luigi and/or Bunyoro-Kitara. Such promotion is purely discretionary and the majority of members will remain at the rank of Knight or Dame throughout their time in the Orders.

>>Application form for the Order of the Crown of Thorns
>>Application form for the Order of the Lion and the Black Cross

Application forms may be scanned and submitted via email to

Payment of Passage Fees, Annual Oblations, and donations

Passage Fees, Annual Oblations and donations can be paid to the San Luigi Orders Charitable Trust using the PayPal button below, which also accepts credit card payments. Alternatively, the bank details for the Trust may be obtained on enquiry for members who wish to pay by bank transfer or set up a Standing Order.

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