Senior Chaplain (USA)

H.E. the Most Revd. Michael James Kline

+Michael KlineArchbishop Mike Kline is Bishop-Protector of the Exorcist Order of St Michael and Presiding Bishop of the Old Roman Orthodox Rite (American World Patriarchates). He serves a specialized ministry of exorcism. The Order is in affiliation with the Belarus Autocephalous National Orthodox Church, a member church of the American World Patriarchates and a jurisdiction in communion with the Apostolic Episcopal Church. It is registered in the State of Missouri as a non-profit corporation. Archbishop Kline is also a member of the Order of Corporate Reunion.

Archbishop Kline was educated at the University of the State of New York (BS Liberal Studies and Human Biology). He studied Criminal Justice and Police Science at the Regional Center for Criminal Justice of the Police Academy, Kansas City, and philosophy and theology at Raphael University. He is also a trained chiropractor.

His son Matthew is also a bishop and serves with him in the Exorcist Order of St Michael.

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