Grand Hospitaller

H.E. the Most Revd. Howard Weston-Smart, Duke of Gatrun

+HWSHoward Weston-Smart is Titular Bishop of Tintern and since 1994 Co-adjutor of the Old Roman Catholic Church of Great Britain. Born in Eccles, he was educated at Nottingham University and teacher training college in Derby. Shortly after beginning his teaching career, he spent two years training for the priesthood in Oxford and was thus set on the path that would lead him to join the Old Roman Catholic Church of Great Britain as a married ordinand in 1979. He was ordained priest in 1983 and served the church’s missions in north and south London while continuing to teach. His ministry has always laid strong emphasis on the role of the church in assisting the less fortunate in society through charitable work.

He was invested in the Order of the Crown of Thorns in 1984 by the then Deputy Prior for Europe and is now the senior member of the Order in Great Britain.

He formerly served as Vice-Grand-Prior of the Equestrian, Secular and Chapteral Order of Saint Joachim, and since 2006 has been Prelate of the Order of St John, Knights Hospitaller (British Association of the Russian Grand Priory). He is married to Susan and lives in Lincolnshire.

Howard Weston-Smart arms