Constituent churches

Our jurisdiction includes the following churches and religious orders:

The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi (1883)
The Ancient Christian Fellowship (1930) (and constituent body The Old (Roman) Catholic Church of America (1892))
The Apostolic Episcopal Church (1925)
The Apostolic Episcopal Church-Order of Corporate Reunion (1995)
The Order of Antioch (1928)
The Order of Holy Wisdom/Ekklesia Agiae Sophiae (1939)
The Ancient Orthodox Catholic Church (1943)
The Catholic Apostolic Church (Catholicate of the West) (also known as the Western Orthodox Catholic Church) (1944) (and constituent bodies The Ancient British Church (Ancient Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in the British Isles) (1866), The United Armenian Catholic Church in the British Isles (1889), The Old Catholic Orthodox Church (1925), The British Orthodox Catholic Church (1935), The Syro-Chaldean Metropolitical See of India, Ceylon, Mylapore, Socotra and Messina (1899), The Old Catholic Church in Great Britain (1908), The Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church (also known as the Apostolic Church of the Indies and the Church of India, Ceylon and Malaya (1938))
The Ancient Catholic Church (1950)
The Byelorussian Patriarchate of St Andrew the First-Called Apostle (1965)
The Old Catholic Church of Great Britain (1968)
The Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum (2010)
The Old Catholic Orthodox Church (2013)