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Belarus Monarchist Association


Vladimir of Kiev goes to execute Rogneda of Polotsk, but Iziaslav of Polotsk comes to her defence.

The Belarus Monarchist Association, founded in 2015, was established to provide support for the Prince of Miensk and the House Polanie-Patrikios and to advocate for the restoration of monarchy in Belarus.

Membership of the Association is open to all who wish to support its aims, whether they are Belarusian nationals or not, and whether they live in Belarus or not. Details of membership are given below.

When the Principality of Miensk was re-established in 1970, at the height of the Soviet era, the prospect of monarchical restoration in Belarus seemed all but impossible. Today, the prospects are slightly more optimistic. Monarchy offers a clear alternative to Soviet-style republicanism, and has far deeper roots than that ideology. The Association’s position is strictly above and indeed opposed to politics, and it does not hesitate to point out the role of both Church and Crown in the identity of the nation, and their superiority to man-made egalitarian and modernist viewpoints. The sovereign derives his temporal power from God by Divine Right, subject to no earthly authority, just as the Church also derives its spiritual power and authority from God. This divinely-instituted system of Absolute Monarchy, with King and Church united hand-in-hand for the good of the nation and ruling by ukase or decree, is that which is advocated by the Association rather than any modernist “constitutional” compromise that vests power in bureaucrats and politicians.

The Association is strictly opposed to the evils of Communism and Socialism. It honours the past sacrifices of those who have supported White Russia against the Bolshevists and supports the restitution of land and property according to its disposition before the 1917 Revolution as the foundation of a future propertarian society.

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For a Royal Belarus!

The outlook of the Association may be described as one of radical traditionalism. It is not seeking to live in the past, but rather it is looking to the past for guidance as to how to live in the present. Key to its immediate aims is that the people of Belarus, including those in diaspora, should have the opportunity to decide for themselves, through a referendum or other means, whether they wish to see a return to monarchism. The Association also believes that Belarus should seek its monarchist destiny as a fully independent nation with its own monarch and indigenous church and not as a part of a restored Russian Empire or as a satellite of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Association’s vision for the future of Royal Belarus is notably forward-looking. It sees the country as a leading offshore financial centre, focussing on private banking and hedge fund formation and investment, wealth management and general offshoring. In addition, Belarus will become a data haven with stringent protection for the security and privacy of data. A deregulated commercial system will place Belarus at the cutting edge of modern business. Central to this will be the abolition of direct taxation for Belarus-based businesses. Royal Belarus will become one of the first countries to abandon fiat currency and adopt bitcoin, a peer-to-peer digital payment system. The independence of Royal Belarus from international treaties limiting competitiveness in its chosen markets will give it a considerable advantage.

The Association has considered that in the current political situation it should continue to base itself in diaspora. Members of the Royal House do not travel to Belarus for reasons of safety at the present time and a number of Association members and officers who live in Belarus have chosen to remain anonymous for the same reasons. The home of the Association is in London, United Kingdom, with the capacity for other branches to be established in different countries as need arises.

Events for members of the Association are held regularly at prestigious venues. These offer an opportunity to meet the Prince of Miensk, to share ideas and support, and to build together the foundation for a future Royal Belarus.

The Association may nominate deserving individuals for membership in the Dynastic Orders of the Royal House Polanie-Patrikios. In addition, the Association maintains insignia for members (including Royal Belarus lapel badges) and awards medals for service.

The Association has chosen to use the English language to deliver its website and other services. It does so aware that its principal support is among English-speakers in the wider diaspora rather than within Belarus itself at present. Belarus has its own language: Belarusian, but at present, only just over half the population can speak it. Most continue to speak Russian, the language of Belarus’s occupying power for many years.


Membership of the Belarus Monarchist Association is available to all individuals who wish to support the restoration of the monarchy in Belarus, whether or not they themselves are Belarusian citizens or of Belarusian ancestry.

The annual fee for membership is UK£25 per annum, payable via the Association’s PayPal account (an email invoice will be sent to applicants). It is possible to pay with a credit card using PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account. The Association regrets that, because of the costs involved, it cannot accept other forms of payment, and cannot accept card payments in any way other than through PayPal. Application should be made to the email address

There is no provision for amelioration of the annual fee pro rata, so those who join at any point of the year pay the same amount. The annual fee falls due on 1 January each year.

Applicants are requested to remit their fees and in the space provided for address details, to provide their full address.

Only members of the Association are entitled to wear its distinctive insignia and to apply to attend its events in London, UK. At present there are two dinners per year, held at prestigious venues, which offer an opportunity to meet the Prince of Miensk and to share in the work of building a Royal Belarus.

Information about membership in the Royal Orders

The Association has the right to nominate members and other persons of distinction for recognition in the Royal Orders under the Grand Mastership of the Prince of Miensk. Those invited to accept membership are individuals of good character and achievement who are actively supportive of the aims and objectives of Royal Belarus. There is provision for the recognition of both men and women, as well as Christians and non-Christians. All incoming members are liable for a Passage Fee and Annual Oblation, which is ameliorated in cases of genuine hardship.

Membership in the Royal Orders is customarily conferred at investitures preceding the dinners of the Association, although there is also provision for members to be admitted in absentia. The new members profess loyalty to the Prince Grand Master and Royal Belarus through an oath, and are invested with their insignia and diplomas.

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