Statement regarding William Leo Timlin

The Abbey-Principality of San Luigi wishes to make it clear that William Leo Timlin of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, is not a member of the Order of the Crown of Thorns and is not associated with the Abbey-Principality nor with the San Luigi Orders in any way whatsoever.

Timlin has a long history of assuming titles for himself without the slightest legitimate authority. He has previously declared himself to be King of Redonda, a “canonical” and “orthodox” bishop, and indeed Pope Adrian VII and Patriarch of the West. When Timlin was challenged as to his false representations regarding the Order of the Crown of Thorns he responded with a campaign of lies, malice and hatred against us on social media which has revealed his true nature very clearly. We have naturally refrained from responding in kind to his insults.

During 2014, Timlin’s actions came to the attention of the police and in the course of interview, far from the elaborate titles he has claimed, he told a police officer that he was “not a bishop”. The same officer described Timlin’s conduct as “extremely deceptive”. These and further comments are recorded in the official police report of which we have a copy.

This conduct is amply sufficient to cause us to warn the faithful against this man and his pretensions. We declare that, after his own exact words, how very truly he is indeed not a bishop, and further that his person should be anathema to all who seek to follow Christ.