Protectorate for the Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem

In response to a recent petition, the Prince-Abbot has erected a Protectorate for the Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem within the Abbey-Principality. There are two known members of the Order in the United Kingdom at present, who have been without a worldwide administration since the death of the late Grand Master, Archbishop Rainer Laufers, and without an organization in the British Isles for considerably longer.

Symbol of the Order of the Holy CrossThe Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem is a chivalric order which emerged to public notice in 1955 when the late Archbishop Charles Brearley of the Old Holy Catholic Church became its Grand Master. Its purposes are the promotion of Peace, Unity and the furtherance of Christian Ideals.

The Order is not connected with the body of the same name founded in the late 1960s by the Patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church (Uniate), and that functions today as a chivalric order within that church, nor with the Roman Catholic (Crosiers) or Anglican religious Orders of similar names.

>>History of the Order, and a sketch of the life of Archbishop Charles Brearley

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