Easter 2013

Dear Friends and Confreres,

Today we celebrate the greatest Mystery of the Christian Faith.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

This one action makes our Christian Faith unique among religions. This Resurrection is granted to all those baptized in Christ. It is our Hope of Glory.

There is an ancient story that when the Lord returns at the End of our World, during the last days, we should greet him with a plant in our hands so that at the very end we can place that plant in the ground in hope of the future. Hope is the very essence of the Christian Faith. It is our Hope of Glory.

In the different Christian Rites the Gloria is recited at Matins in Eastern Orthodoxy, at Mass in Roman Catholicism and at the end of the Communion Service in the Book of Common Prayer. It is our Hope of Glory.

That is what Easter Sunday is all about. The Vigil with the new Fire and the Great Paschal candle. The Newly Baptized; the Egg; the Chicks; New Life. New Ground in the garden:  Crocus, tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, hispanica, etc. This present earthly existence is not all there is: there is more, much more for the true believer. We are not at the end but at the beginning.

Happy Easter to all of you and your beloved families,

Archbishop Francis Spataro OCR, GCCT

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