The Vilatte Declaration

The Order of Antioch has issued a Declaration in order to correct numerous false and erroneous statements concerning Prince-Abbot Joseph III (Archbishop Joseph-René Vilatte). In the main, these statements were more than adequately addressed in responses published by the Prince-Abbot himself more than a century ago, yet they continue to be repeated uncritically in some quarters today.

The Preamble to the Declaration concludes, “

“This Declaration must needs be a summary of the facts, but this is nevertheless sufficient to establish the truth of the matter and hopefully to contribute to ensuring that, where others repeat falsehoods concerning these events, they cannot reasonably plead ignorance in their defence. It may serve as an exhortation for those concerned to re-examine the evidence referred to herein, and referenced in much greater detail elsewhere, with the aim that if we cannot altogether undo the errors and injustices committed by previous generations, we should ensure in the interests of the furtherance of Christian principle that we do not perpetuate them.”

>>The Vilatte Declaration

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