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Palm Sunday and Holy Week

Dear Confreres:

As we approach Palm Sunday and Holy Week, the most sacred time in our liturgical calendar, may I thank you one and all for your support and fraternal fellowship during the past year. This year Good Friday comes on 14 Nizam and is as close as we can get to that fateful day over 2,000 years ago when Our Beloved Lord, Jesus Christ, redeemed our sorry mankind. In the ancient church there were those like St. Polycarp who celebrated the Holy Paska on this very date. This is synchronicity, the melding of time events of equal significance to enhance our understanding of these time changing events. The Great High Priest once and for all made the Atonement holy sacrifice for all mankind. The Old Covenant is ended. The Old Law abrogated. We are a new humanity in a new age of love.

Happy Paska,

+Francis C. Spataro

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