San Luigi Gazette Notice 2012/11


The Prince-Abbot has conceded the title of Duke of Gatrun to H.E. the Most Reverend Howard Graham Charles Richard Weston-Smart, in recognition of services to the Order of the Crown of Thorns and the Old Roman Catholic Church. The title is granted for the lifetime of the holder.

HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST REVEREND HOWARD GRAHAM CHARLES RICHARD WESTON-SMART, 1st DUKE OF GATRUN Co-adjutor, Titular Bishop of Tintern, Old Roman Catholic Church of Great Britain; Knight Grand Cross of The Sovereign, Knightly and Noble Order of the Lion and the Black Cross (L’Ordre Souverain, Chevaleresque et Noble du Lion et de la Croix Noire); Knight Grand Cross of The Sovereign, Chivalrous, Noble and Religious Order of the Crown of Thorns (L’Ordre Souverain, Chevaleresque, Nobilaire et Religieux de la Couronne d’Epines)); Vice Grand Prior and Knight Commander, The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim; Prelate, Order of St John Knights Hospitaller (The Russian Grand Priory); Federal Chaplain, Union Corps St. Lazarus (Great Britain and Ireland); Doctor Christianissimus; FSA Scot. b. 1947 m. 1975 Susan Weston-Smart pr. 29 May 1983 bp. 13 August 1994 educ. Univ. of Nottingham; St Stephen’s House, Oxford.

Arms: (Not currently matriculated)

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