Archbishop Harold Percival Nicholson, the Ancient Catholic Church and the Nicholson Orders

Memory Eternal!

Archbishop Harold Percival Nicholson (1905-68) – A celebration, with extracts from his writings

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>>part 2 (includes “Services of Love and Blessing”)
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Archbishop Nicholson was admitted as a member of the Order of the Crown of Thorns under Prince-Abbot Edmond I, but he was removed from membership in November 1961 at the initiative of Grand Prior Mgr. George Tull, who disapproved of his position on faith.

The Nicholson Orders

>>The Nicholson Orders

The Valiant Order of St John the Baptist

>>Statutes of the Order

The Order of Ave Maria

>>Rule of the Order

The Most Revd. John Kersey, now Prince-Abbot Edmond III de San Luigi, at the former Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Clapton.